October 3, 2022

Alerts Have Arrived


leafplanner Alerts

We get it. Life gets hectic. As we’ve said, “Time is, arguably, our most precious asset. We invented it, can’t stop it, and can’t seem to get enough of it.” This is even more true while running a single-family office or as the matriarch or patriarch of a wealthy family. Read more about how to optimize your time in a family office here

One of our goals at leafplanner is to help streamline the management of your family or family office. By being a complementary asset that fits into your existing workflows, we can save you precious time that’s better spent with your family. All while keeping unwanted financial and non-financial consequences at bay.

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leafplanner Custom and System Alerts

After much anticipation, testing, and tweaking, leafplanner Alerts are now available within leafplanner. We included system and custom alerts to help you stay on top of significant estate planning reviews, insurance renewals, sending Crummey letters, and more. Or if you need to ensure the sprinkler system gets winterized on your vacation home. 

You can receive Alert notifications via email or text (SMS). To activate alert notifications, you can customize your preferences in your leafplanner profile settings.

Do we want to replace that detailed calendar that drives your life? No. Do we want to be an incessant presence in your email inbox? No. We simply want to provide you with an integrated option to receive those occasional reminders that may get overlooked on your day-to-day calendar.  

What are Custom Alerts?

leafplanner custom alerts are a further opportunity to customize your leafplan to your family's needs. For every resource in leafplanner, you can create one or more alerts to ensure you don't miss a necessary renewal, filing, or another significant date. Alerts can be added in the alert section and customized with your notification preferences.

What are System Alerts?

These are automated, and you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of them. You can easily turn system alerts off in your profile settings if you choose. They are there to remind you of important things to consider when significant life events occur, prompting you to review items such as insurance policies or estate planning documents.

If you have questions about Alerts and want to see how they, along with a detailed leafplan, can benefit your family, we’d be happy to show you in a live demo.

You will be able to find more helpful information in our Knowledge Base very soon. 

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