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We get it. Life is hectic, and it's hard to get organized. Get the complete white-glove experience with our leafplatinum plan, and we'll work with you and your advisors to build your family's leafplan for you.
The White-Glove Experience


A hands-off approach allowing you to save time and leaving us to handle the legwork.
  • Concierge Onboarding
  • We Do The Work
  • Welcome Kit
  • Share with Family & Advisors
Unparalleled Service

Guided Plans with Direct Access to Experts

Intuitively Designed for Families
leafplanner makes it easy to educate and communicate the intricacies of a family enterprise to
family members and advisors.
Easy to Follow Guides
Guided mode enables you to complete your leafplan as if we were sitting right next to you.  Complete each section with insightful questions, recommendations and more.
Concierge Onboarding
Start your leafplan with confidence after getting to know your way around leafplanner with your in-depth and personalized onboarding process.
Additional Administrators
Collaborate with family and advisors to build and communicate your family leafplan. Permission-based access allows you to control who has access to what.
Working Consultations
Administrators can schedule working sessions with our experts to get further recommendations and make sure you're setting you and your family up for success.
Annual Review
Get a comprehensive review of your leafplan with our team of experts to uncover blind-spots and ensure your leafplan stays updated.
Welcome Kit
Receive a special welcome to the leafplanner community with additional materials to get you started and to help educate your family.
We Do The Work
The ultimate white-glove experience. We'll work with you and your advisors to complete your leafplan leaving you valuable time to spend at the family cabin.
Quarterly Reviews
Similar to our annual reviews with our experts but completed more frequently to handle the intricacies of more complex family enterprises.

Pricing Plans

Options customized to provide the right amount of expertise and guidance for your family.
First Year


For the attentive expert wanting to go above and beyond their spreadsheets.
  • $3,000 Annual Subscription Cost1
  • $3,000 One-time fee2
  • leafplanner Guides
    Learn why each section is important and work your way through insightful questions and recommendations.
  • Dedicated Concierge Support
  • Customized Completion Plan
    Tailored to your needs, we'll provide a recommended plan for you to complete your leafplan.
  • leafplan Export
  • Printed Guides & Workbooks
  • System and Custom Alerts
First Year


Collaborate with our experts to guide you, your family, and your advisors.
  • $5,000 Annual Subscription Cost1
  • $7,500 One-time fee2
  • Includes leafsilver Features
  • Additional Concierge Support
    Expanded Concierge Support to regularly assist and guide you.
  • Yearly leafplan Review
  • Working Sessions
    Our Concierge Team will work with family members and advisors in 1-on-1 working sessions.
  • Welcome Kit
  • We Can Work on Your Behalf
    If there's an item, or three, you'd like us to handle to help complete your leafplan, we are happy to do so.
First Year


A hands-off approach allowing you to save time and leaving us to handle the legwork.
  • $7,500 Annual Subscription Cost1,3
  • $10,000 One-time fee2,3
  • Includes leafgold Features
  • We Construct Your leafplan
  • We Work To Gather Your Data
    Our Concierge Team will work with your advisors to gather information.
  • Quarterly leafplan Check-In
1All plans are billed annually. You can upgrade at any time. If you'd like to downgrade, you may do so at the end of the billing cycle.
2One-time fees include account setup, dedicated concierge support hours, and a custom completion plan.
3leafplatinum pricing assumes a certain level of complexity. Extraordinary complexity will be addressed with a customized plan. Please contact us for more information.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Each client experience is uniquely customized to their family's needs, resulting in uniquely beneficial outcomes.
leafplanner helped us address ‘severance’ plans for my parents' 25+ year household employees who had no previous retirement plans from the family.
Joanne R
I realized, during the leafplanner process, that I had failed to provide detailed insights about meeting estate tax liability.
James H
We were able to communicate specific instructions for our inheritable vacation club to our kids so they didn't have to forfeit the family membership.
When I began entering in info for our properties, I discovered they were titled in our personal names rather than in the appropriate revocable trusts. leafplanner helped save an unnecessary trip to Probate Court.
Marcy K
Thanks so much for the insight and assistance! leafplanner is an amazing tool. I really appreciate having access to it.
We are starting to input data into leafplanner. I found it to be very helpful in organizing everything, and I am glad we have the software. I don’t know how anyone or any estate could exist without it!
Samantha S
There's no way I would have considered or prepared for a transfer of frequent flier miles.
It's the little details that came to surface that I'm grateful for during the process. For example, while completing our family leafplan, we discovered that we had incomplete records for a collection. It could have proved very difficult to prove basis if this wasn't addressed.
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