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The experience of constructing a leafplan helps discover blind-spots by bringing all of life's complicated details together, all in one place. By sharing with and educating your family and advisors, we enable you to apply the deliberateness of a family office to your communication, decision-making, and more.
Analyzing Areas of Risk
leafplanner helps you discover knowledge and planning gaps that could negatively affect your family’s goals.
Determining Impact
Become aware of potential risks that could derail your legacy. Identify tax, legal, and philanthropic strategies to improve planning efficiency.
Taking Appropriate Action
Proactively plan and take corrective action to ensure a successful transfer of generational wealth and information. Both financial and emotional.
Information Gathering
We help manage your family's critical information securely and all in one place, from key financial contacts to vacation home landscapers.
Property & Asset Indexing
Store and communicate information for complex assets, real-estate assets, investment partnerships, associated liabilities and more.
Electronic Data
How do you manage your digital assets? We help you think about everything from crypto currency assets and brokerage information to streaming services.
Family Education
Succession of wealth can't happen successfully without a succession of information. How are you planning to inform and educate your heirs?
Determining Spheres of Influence
Have you accounted for everyone? Do the correct individuals have access to critical information for everyone in your sphere of influence?
Building and Maintaining Trust
Wealth transfers typically fail due to lack of trust and cohesion. Our approach helps mitigate issues and keeps families focused on long-term success.
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Designed for Families & Advisors

A Guided Experience

  • Recommendations and insightful questions
  • Share with family & advisors
  • Comprehensive blind-spot review
  • One-on-one concierge support
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“ is remarkable the areas that have occurred to me that I have either forgotten or failed to recognize.”
- leafplanner Client
Failing To Prepare & Communicate

The Financial &
Non-financial Costs

  • Identifying Risk

    Whether it’s family communication, or planning-oversights or mistakes, not recognizing where your gaps are can have severe consequences to your family’s goals and outcomes.
  • Inacccurate Information

    Having the critical information necessary to make the best decisions is imperative. None of the details or desires in your head should be overlooked, including everything from what and where, to how and why.
  • Taking Action

    After-the-fact corrections are almost always more costly, time-consuming, emotionally draining, and destructive than proactive planning.

Family Assessments

Complete a family preparedness checkup with our Family Fire Drill questionnaires or download our Family EQ Assessment
Guided Mode

Peace of Mind

Turn on Guided Mode for each section to navigate through an in-depth discovery of your family’s specific information and needs. Get insights and helpful suggestions on everything from family communication and engagement to legacy planning and estate administration.
Older couple at a desk reviewing information as they input into the leafplanner self-guided modules.
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Client Stories

The Impact

Our impact on our clients, and more importantly, our clients' impact on their families is why we do what we do. A lasting legacy and the enrichment that comes from it is one of the greatest gifts. Every client is different. Explore our client stories and you may find some similarities to your own family and learn how leafplanner can benefit you.
Harry | Chairman, Real Estate Company

It became immediately clear, as we began the process of gathering information, that Harry was, in fact, extremely organized. However, that organization lived in Harry’s own head, files, and computer in a way that only Harry truly understood.

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