Choosing Your Estate Attorney


Choosing Your Estate Attorney

Proper estate planning is often daunting, complex, and can have profound implications for your heirs and future generations. While wealth transfers typically involve gifts of love, they can create feelings of anything but love if they are not structured with your family’s specific needs and values in mind. The first step in ensuring a proper estate planning process is choosing an estate attorney that fits your circumstances.

Our founder, Josh Kanter, recently co-authored a guide with Stuart Lucas that serves as a roadmap for choosing the right estate planning attorney. Their collective knowledge draws on a wealth of experience both professionally and personally. Josh, a lawyer and family wealth advisor, navigated his own family’s generational wealth transfer and defended his father’s estate planning to the Supreme Court and won.

Stuart, an investment professional, educator, and 4th generation family member founded Wealth Strategist Partners as the successor to his family’s investment platform. He also leads the University of Chicago Booth School of Business Private Wealth Management education program, and is the author of the books Wealth: Grow It and Protect It and The Taxable Investor's Manifesto.

Download the guide below to explore their advice across six categories when choosing an estate planning lawyer:

  1. Composition, jurisdictional reach, and competitive position
  2. Client profile in the estate planning practice 
  3. Incorporating purpose and strategy
  4. Operations and accountability
  5. Risk management
  6. Experience and wisdom

Learn what questions to ask and what to listen for in the answers.

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Click to Download the Choosing Your Estate Attorney Guide

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