October 20, 2023

Design Your Legacy: The Legacy Manual For Families of Wealth


Design Your Legacy Podcast Episode: The Legacy Manual For Families of Wealth

One-hundred-year families, as well as new wealth creators, often procrastinate their holistic legacy planning because they don’t know where to start. And starting to fill in the foundational pieces can be a challenge when you have your head down focused solely on your business in your time and energy. So ... how can begin to map out your purse of knowledge and leverage a family office perspective? Is this even possible when you don’t even know the questions to ask?

"In this week’s episode, Angelina Carleton sits down with attorney Josh Kanter, founder of leafplanner, a virtual family owner’s manual that offers a comprehensive remedy to your family’s organization, education, communication and decision-making. After 20 years of running a family office, Josh speaks into the opportunities for new engagement and conversations. Mr. Kanter also highlights the key questions to ask when it comes to developing more trust, communication and connection. Tune in and learn how you too can 'turn a new leaf', and have your most important data in one secure online space!"

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