July 26, 2023

Trusted Advisor Podcast: What Is A Family Owner's Manual And How Do I Create One?


What Is A Family Owner's Manual–A leafplan–And How Do I Create One?

In this episode of the Trusted Advisor Podcast from The Heritage Institute, Josh recently sat down with Rod Zeeb, JD, HDP™, to explore the question of whether or not client families are prepared if they lose the 'record keeper' of the family and how to prepare families for this scenario. Whether that is the family patriarch, another family member, or a trusted professional, they discuss how to create a leafplan to apply a family office lens to the collection, organization, and mapping of a family’s and family enterprise’s formation in a single-source manner, allowing a family to identify blind spots, take proactive and corrective actions, educate family members and advisors, and prepare a family for an effective, comprehensive, and efficient succession-of-information.

Listen to the episode.

Rod is the founder of The Heritage Institute and a self-proclaimed "recovering estate planning attorney with a casual and easy-going persona." He is passionate about helping families prepare their children and grandchildren for the inheritances they will receive and to thrive together as a family for multiple generations. Rod works with families throughout the financial spectrum, from the millionaire next door to multi-billionaires, from first-generation wealth creators to families who have maintained their family wealth and unity for multiple generations. Rod is also the author of Beating the Midas Curse (now in its 3rd Edition) and Family Stewardship.

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